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    Cathy Duquette, PhD, RN, Lifespan's executive vice president of nursing affairs, explains the culture of safety fostered at Rhode Island Hospital and the systems in place to protect patients from adverse outcomes.

    Rhode Island Is Leading a Revolution in Patient Safety

    Rhode Island Hospital is part of a statewide initiative to establish a new, web-based event reporting system that sets a new standard for safety. Read more about how Rhode Island Hospital is working to facilitate the reduction of medical errors by establishing improved processes for patient care across all hospitals in the state.

    Download the article for more information (PDF 188 KB)

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    "We have made aggressive efforts to put the strongest, most effective policies in place to eliminate surgical errors. But if we are not just as aggressive about enforcing every single point of those policies-demanding 100 percent compliance every time, from every single staff member-we are falling short. And that's unacceptable."

    - Timothy Babineau, MD, president and CEO of Rhode Island Hospital

    Rhode Island Hospital constantly strives to be a national leader in patient safety and quality. We will do what is necessary to advance our three most important priorities: advancing quality and safety, improving the patient experience, and engaging physicians and our employees in all that we do.