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  • Audiology

  • Audiology services at Rhode Island Hospital serve individuals who have experienced hearing loss. Our specialists are dedicated to providing quality hearing care to the community, and offer a range of services expert evaluation to management of various degrees of hearing loss.

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    Lending an Ear: Edward Melucci
    Longtime teacher and grateful patient Edward Melucci learns what it is like to hear again.

    Types of Hearing Aids
    t Heard the news? New technology has revolutionized hearing aids and local programs make them more affordable. Now doesn't that sound good?

    About Tinnitus
    What do William Shatner and Pete Townshend have in common? Aside from being famous, Star Trek's Captain Kirk and the guitar-smashing rocker are two of the 50 million Americans living with tinnitus.

    Finding Balance
    Spills can spell disaster. If you or someone you love is prone to falling, here are some basic prevention tips.

    Cochlear Implants
    Cochlear implants may be the solution for the thousands of adults and children who experience profound hearing loss.

    Find out more about pediatric audiology at Hasbro Children's Hospital