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  • Keeping Kids and Teen Patients Safe

  • We Work to Ensure the Safety and Well-Being of Children and Their Families

    At Rhode Island Hospital and its Hasbro Children's Hospital, our young patients receive the highest quality medical care. Our staff is dedicated to keeping our patients safe while they are getting well. We also believe that the continuum of care does not end when patients leave the hospital. Many of the programs described here have been designed to help patients and their families lead safe, more fulfilling and healthier lives when they leave the hospital and return to their homes, schools and communities.

    The Injury Prevention Center at Hasbro Children's Hospital

    The following programs are introduced here in brief. Further information and contact information is available at the Injury Prevention Center website.

    • Kohl's Cares Car Seat Check Program
      The Kohl's Cares Car Seat Check program at the Injury Prevention Center at Rhode Island Hospital and its Hasbro Children's Hospital provides free education on car seat safety and conducts car seat and booster seat inspections. Families that qualify may also receive a free car seat or booster seat. Certified child passenger safety technicians are on staff to teach parents how to properly install car seats in their cars.
      More about the Kohl's Cares Car Seat Check Program

    • Safe Areas for Play Program
      The Safe Areas for Play Program is a national program created to provide safe play environments through community building projects. Its mission is to reduce the escalating number of children who are injured each year on America's playgrounds. The program has successfully built playgrounds and a sports field in the Providence area and helps to ensure the proper supervision of children on playgrounds, design age-appropriate playgrounds, proper surfacing under and around playgrounds, and ongoing playground maintenance. 
      More about the safe playgrounds project

    Hasbro Children's Hospital Well-Being Advocacy Programs

    • The Family Help Desk
      The Family Help Desk's straightforward, guided referrals to key resources-affordable housing, child care, food, employment, GED classes and other needs-are designed to help families to avert crises and increase their income and educational standing, two of the most critical determinants of better long-term health. The Family Help Desk works closely with pediatricians to help ensure that families' needs are addressed in a holistic and timely way.

    • The Medical-Legal Partnership
      The Rhode Island Medical-Legal Partnership at Hasbro Children's Hospital provides legal services to address the non-medical needs of families, which may impact the health of children. Doctors and lawyers work collaboratively to improve the health of children. The partners include Hasbro Children's Hospital, Project Health, Roger Williams University Law School, Brown Medical School and the Rhode Island Center for Law and Public Policy.

    Other Programs at Hasbro Children's Hospital

    • Home Safety Program
      The Home Safety Program is another collaborative program between the Injury Prevention Center at Rhode Island Hospital and the Hasbro Children's Hospital Early Intervention Program. Nursing staff of the Early Intervention program provide home assessment of safety and education as well as training designed to meet the age appropriate and individual needs of each family. They conduct home visits to assist families with safety equipment installation and provide ongoing support and training.

    • Child Protection Program
      At Hasbro Children's Hospital, a child-friendly area has been designated where detailed and comprehensive medical evaluations are conducted by physicians who specialize in treating children who may have been maltreated or sexually abused. If a child is in an unsafe environment, the reporting to DCYF and Law Enforcement can be accomplished at this site with minimal disruption to other patients.
      More about the Child Protection Program

    • Physical Abuse, Neglect Diagnostic Assessment Clinic (PANDA)
      The PANDA Clinic, funded in conjunction with the State of Rhode Island, provides a child-friendly environment to complete medical evaluations for allegations of child maltreatment, with special emphasis on physical abuse or neglect.

    • The Adolescent Leadership Council (TALC)
      The Adolescent Leadership Council of Hasbro Children's Hospital invites students from Rhode Island colleges to serve as mentors to teenagers from throughout New England. Each of the student mentors and the teenager patients are living with a chronic illness. Educating patients and families about self-advocacy and the transition process allows TALC participants to become better equipped to navigate the health care system. Adolescent participants in TALC are taught to become more independent in the management of their illness, and to develop self-advocacy skills such as the importance of health insurance coverage, understanding and being able to explain their diagnosis, following treatment plans, receiving preventive care, and maintaining long-term specialty care. More about the Adolescent Leadership Council

    • Teens With Tots Program
      The Teens With Tots Program is part of the adolescent medicine division of Hasbro Children's Hospital's outpatient services, which brings together doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers and nutritionists with teen parents.  Services include well-baby care and acute illness care for children born to teenage mothers. The goal of the program is to provide care for teenage parents and their children in a developmentally sensitive approach and to increase the safety of young families.

    • Refugee Health Clinic
      The Refugee Health Clinic at Hasbro Children's Hospital works to address the special health care needs of children who are newly arrived in the United States and who may have little or no familiarity with the medical system. The staff at the clinic strives to break down communication barriers and to provide continuous, patient-centered, safe, collaborative and culturally appropriate health care services.
      More about the Refugee Health Clinic

    • Interpreter Services
      Rhode Island Hospital/Hasbro Children's Hospital supports the diversity of their patient population by offering free interpreter services to all of its non-English speaking and hearing impaired patients.  It is the interpreter's job to help ensure that the patient is safe and that the physician-patient relationship is clearly communicated. Additionally, Rhode Island Hospital/Hasbro Children's Hospital has Deaf-Talkvideoconferencing equipmentandtelecommunication devices available for patients that are hearing impaired (TDD). More about interpreter services