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  • Outpatient Programs

  • Outpatient Mental Health Services are provided at Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital by a multidisciplinary group of board-certified psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical nurse specialists and social workers.

    With outpatient mental health services in short supply in our region, we have continued to grow to accommodate requests for service and have now surpassed 45,000 visits per year. The locations for these programs include 146 West River Street, and the Fain Building on The Miriam Hospital campus.

    In addition to providing outpatient treatment for the full range of psychiatric conditions, several specialty programs are offered:

    • The Gambling Treatment Program is currently the only program in the state receiving state funding for the treatment of problem gamblers.
    • The Bariatric Surgery Program conducts pre-surgical evaluations to determine appropriateness for bariatric surgery, pre-surgical counseling to help individuals prepare for surgery, and post-surgical counseling to help individuals cope with life changes following the procedure.
    • The Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program is connected with The Sleep Disorders Center of Lifespan hospitals. Problems evaluated and treated include insomnias, circadian rhythm disorders, parasomnias and sleep apnea. It is located at 146 West River Street.
    • The Consultative Neuropsychiatric Evaluation (CNE) is a specialized, integrated assessment of the complex interactions of brain and behavior. The CNE involves a complete mental status examination with bedside neuropsychiatric cognitive testing, general neurological examination, and with school aged children, an examination of minor neurological dysfunction.
    • The Anxiety Disorders Program provides diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of anxiety disorders, including panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder. It is located at 146 West River Street.
    • The MIDAS Project: Rhode Island Methods to Improve Diagnostic Assessment and Services includes research on diagnosis, treatment decision making, and treatment outcome. Patients receive a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, clinical diagnostic evaluation. As part of the MIDAS project,measurement tools have been developed to assist clinicians in monitoring the course of treatment. It is located at 146 West River Street.
    • Young Adult Behavioral Health Program helps young adults with mental health issues live more productive lives by providing comprehensive and age-appropriate psychiatric services.

    Outpatient Psychiatric Services for Children

    Outpatient services provide mental health evaluation and treatment for children and families. A wide range of treatments are available at Rhode Island Hospital and Bradley Hospital.

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