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  • Types of Nuclear Medicine Scans

  • Nuclear medicine studies include bone scans, thyroid scans, liver-spleen scans, kidney (renal) scans and PET scans.

    • Thyroid Scan
      This test evaluates the function of the gland in addition to evaluating a nodule felt by the patient's doctor. It can also be used to evaluate a patient who has a history of thyroid cancer.
    • Bone Scan
      For patients with a known cancer, bone scans are used to look for cancer which has spread to the bones. This test is also helpful to look for a cause of bone pain, such as infection in the bone (osteomyelitis), fracture or arthritis.
    • Kidney (Renal) Scan
      A renal scan is used to test how well the kidneys are working. It can be used to look for scarring of the kidneys.
    • PET Scan
      A PET scan gives an overview of metabolic activity in the body. It is used in the diagnosis and staging of cancers.

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