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  • Galactography

    • What is galactography?
      Galactography is a test used to evaluate nipple discharge emanating from a single point or duct. Nipple discharge must be able to be produced at the time of the examination.

    • What should I expect from galactography?
      Your nipple will be cleaned with antiseptic. The radiologist will then attempt to elicit the nipple discharge, sometimes by gently squeezing around the nipple. A tiny, blunt tipped needle is then placed into the point in the nipple where the discharge is coming from. A small volume of contrast (dye) is then injected through the needle into the breast. A mammogram is then performed.

    • How should I prepare for galactogram?
      Just as for any mammogram, antiperspirant or deodorant should not be applied as it may interfere with the mammogram. No other preparation is necessary.

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