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  • First Person

  • The following accounts were written by patients in the Rhode Island Gambling Treatment Program. Each describes their experience of problem gambling and the road to recovery.

    • J.R.'s Story
      "I am a middle-aged professional woman, a mother and a spouse who became someone else because of this addiction."
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    • E.C.'s Story
      "When gambling took over my life, I wasn't willing to accept the fact that I had an addiction."
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    • D.S.'s Story
      "That was how it started: a few spins, minimal losses and wins. It felt like a relief from the stresses of graduate school and life's demands."
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    • D.W.'s Story
      "My rock bottom had many trap doors and I kept spiraling out of control...Today I am learning not to escape, to live life on life's terms." (Read more...)

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    It makes good sense for anyone who is experiencing problems caused by gambling to seek professional help. Early intervention increases the probability of successfully dealing with gambling problems and avoiding greater harm.

    The information in this section is provided by theRhode Island Gambling Treatment Program.