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    Potter Building, 3rd floor
    Phone: 401-444-3967
    Director: Gabor Keitner, MD

    The Mood Disorders Program, located at Rhode Island Hospital, is part of the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior of The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. The focus of the program is the examination of the biopsychosocial pathways that influence the course of psychiatric illness in general and of an individual episode in particular. Our main focus is treating inpatients and outpatients with major depression, bipolar disorder, chronic depression, dysthymia, double depression, and chronic mental illness. In addition to pharmacotherapy and individual therapy, we provide family therapy for depressed patients and their family members. This comprehensive care may be particularly relevant for patients who do not respond to standard care, and for elderly patients who may have several medical and psychosocial issues to deal with, including additional medical illnesses, their family's functioning, social support, work/retirement adjustment, and other stresses and burdens.

    Members of the Mood Disorders Program include psychiatrists (board certified in geriatric psychiatry), psychologists, family therapists, trained research interviewers, and a sociologist. Together these professionals provide clinical, teaching, and research expertise for patients, families, residents, interns, medical students, and other professionals.