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  • Critical Care Nursing Internships

    The Critical Care Internship Program is designed to prepare candidates in their transition from students to professional critical care nurses. Graduate nurses will work side by side with experienced preceptors who will facilitate their professional growth, education and development. This program combines class lectures with supervised, hands-on clinical experiences within the hospital's critical care units. Interns receive classroom-based and clinical instruction to help them develop the skills they need to care for critically ill patients. Rhode Island Hospital critical care nurse interns qualify for entry-level registered nurse salaries and benefits while receiving on-the-job experience.

    We encourage you to take the opportunity to begin your career with the exceptional team at Rhode Island Hospital. We look forward to your successful participation in the program and hope that it will serve as a foundation to meet and exceed your career expectations.

    Our Values
    Through its unyeilding pursuit of excellence in service, education, reasearch, technology and information, Rhode Island Hospital is recognized regionally and nationally for the clinical expertise provided through its centers of excellence.

    About the Internship Program