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  • Minimally Invasive Surgery

  • After Surgery Care of the Incision

    • Incisions are covered with Band-Aids or gauze pads. It is not uncommon for them to become saturated with blood during the first 24 hours. Do not become alarmed; simply change the Band-Aids or bandages as needed.
    • You can take a shower 24-36 hours after surgery.  Be sure to gently dry your incisions and replace the Band-Aids or bandages. 
    • After 2-3 days, it is not necessary to keep your incisions covered but it will usually make you more comfortable to do so.
    • If you do not see metal clips or sutures, the sutures are in the skin itself and will dissolve.  This occurs 3-4 weeks after surgery and may be associated with a little drainage from the incision. Occasionally patients may see a small string in the incision.  That is the suture and is normal.
    • It is common for patients to notice some black and blue or maroon discoloration around the incision.  This represents a small amount of blood and is normal.  It should not alarm you.  It is also common for this to only become apparent 2-3 days after surgery as blood in the tissues moves to the surface.
    • You have been given antibiotics in the operating room prior to surgery.  Unless discussed with you, you do not need them after surgery.

    Call the office if your incision is red, hot and tender-you may have an infection.

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