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  • Sports-Specific Packages

  • Our athletic programs can incorporate sports-specific packages including:

    Golf Swing ProgramGolf Swing Package

    While achieving a perfect swing does require practice, concentration and skill, the key is optimal neuromuscular function through the integration of flexibility, strength, balance and power. The Golf Package provides comprehensive motion analysis, allowing golfers of all levels to view their swing from a unique perspective. We photograph body and club movements from multiple perspectives and speeds, allowing close examination of your swing to identify the patterns in need of improvement. The program also offers customized exercises and drills designed to improve rotational neuromuscular function and swing performance.

    Overhead Athlete Package

    Participation in throwing and serving sports, such as baseball, football and tennis, places tremendous stress on the athlete's arm, shoulder, trunk and extremities. In addition, throwing and serving sports require exceptional precision and accuracy. Using state-of-the-art motion analysis, we can capture each movement involved in the overhead throwing or serving motion, enable the clinician and athlete to view the motions and determine appropriate alterations to improve performance and decrease the likelihood of injury.