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  • Substance Use Disorders Treatment Program

  • The Substance Use Disorders Treatment Program at Rhode Island Hospital provides consultations and outpatient care for patients with substance use disorders and/or with dual-diagnose conditions.

    The program is headed by the division director, who is an addiction specialist and a staff psychiatrist at Rhode Island Hospital. This service accepts referrals from inpatient and outpatient resources and focuses mainly on substance use disorders, providing assessment, medication management and counseling. 

    Our outpatient program combines professional care and self-help approaches with an emphasis on abstinence, family participation, relapse prevention and health promotion. Treatment plans are individualized and involve some combination of individual, group and family therapy. 

    Inpatient consultations are also provided by master's level clinical social workers who are licensed as chemical dependency professionals to aid in assisting medical/surgical staff with the comprehensive care of patients who may present with substance related issues. 

    The program coordinator also acts as a liaison to community agencies in an effort to better develop referral resources, improve the flow of communication with outside providers while offering education and trainings.

    The program is designed to assess the presenting concerns and assist with referrals for treatment, as needed. Support, education and guidance can be provided to the patients, their families or involved community providers to help move patient along the change process and enhance motivation to make choices for the betterment of their physical and emotional health.

    Contact Us

    Rhode island Hospital's Substance Use Disorders Treatment Program, 401-444-0952 

    To request an inpatient substance abuse consult at Rhode Island Hospital, please call 401-444-5480.

    Director: Tahir Tellioglu, MD