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  • Transfusion-Free Medicine and Surgery

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    Transfusion-free medicine and surgery at Rhode Island Hospital is a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to patient care that involves strategies to stimulate blood cell production and techniques to minimize blood loss, with the goal of achieving optimal treatment without blood transfusion.

    Join us for a Transfusion-Free Medicine & Surgery Public Educational Event on Saturday, November 5, 2016 from 2 to 5 p.m. at Rhode Island Hospital.
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    Why "Transfusion-Free"?

    Nationwide, more and more hospitals are implementing transfusion-free medicine and surgery because of the many advantages for patients.

    Evidence has shown that this approach to medical care is associated with:

    • Improved outcomes
    • Less exposure to emerging viruses and infections
    • Faster recovery time
    • Reduced post-operative infections

    Patients choose transfusion-free medicine and surgery for personal, ethical or religious reasons. This approach to medical care has many benefits.

    It's Your Choice.

    All patients are given a directive to complete and sign that indicates their medical preferences. Some patients are unwilling to receive a blood transfusion under any circumstances; others wish to pursue alternative treatment possibilities while striving to avoid a transfusion if at all possible.

    Our physicians will discuss the options available to you and provide care that respects your wishes. In the care of children, there are limitations and each case is individualized. Since urgent situations arise unexpectedly, we need to know about your choice in this matter at the earliest possible point in your care.

    Please be assured that Rhode Island Hospital upholds your right to considerate care that safeguards personal dignity and privacy and respects individual differences and values.

    For more information about transfusion-free medicine and surgery at Rhode Island Hospital, please call 401-444-4550.