Bilingual Clinicians

Rhode Island Hospital now offers patients and families increased expedited access to qualified Spanish language interpreters. Several members of the hospital's clinical team have passed rigorous testing to become designated as bilingual clinicians. Qualified clinicians who pass a proficiency test are allowed to communicate with their patients on a one-to-one basis in Spanish.

Rhode Island Hospital's bilingual clinicians are:

  • Claudia Cartagena, MD (Emergency Medicine)

  • Richard Choi, MD (Neurology)

  • Ana Dickenson, RN (Endoscopy 9B)

  • Angela Ganan-Soto (Pediatric Endocrinology)

  • Frantz Gibbs, MD (Emergency Medicine)

  • Ramon Millan (Emergency Medicine)

  • Barbara Nickel, MD (Diagnostic Imaging)

  • Kimberly Pringle, MD (Emergency Medicine)

  • Paula Reisler, PA (COOP CLINIC)

  • Jose Rivera, MD (Ophthalmology Clinic)