Statistics & Reports

Statistics are from fiscal year 2015. A
comprehensive statistical and financial performance listing is
available in our most recent Annual Report.

Year founded: 1863

Employees: 7,274

Affiliated physicians: 1,897

Licensed beds: 719

Patient Care

Patient discharges: 35,372

Emergency department visits: 147,232

Outpatient visits: 300,717

Outpatient surgeries: 11,755

Inpatient surgeries: 9,542

Financials ($ in thousands)

Net patient service revenue: $1,078,490

Research funding revenue: $50,396

Total assets: $1,304,706

Net Cost of Charity Care and Other Community Benefits ($ in thousands)

Charity care: $21,490

Medical education, net: $50,521

Research: $12,478

Subsidized health services: $13,108

Community health improvement services and community benefit operations: $855

Unreimbursed Medicaid costs: $12,963

Total cost of charity care and other community benefits: $111,415