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Rhode Island Hospital’s commitment to our community is carried out each day by thousands of employees who understand that providing lifesaving care is a momentous responsibility, as well as a great privilege. We are happy to welcome back our dedicated employees and to continue working together to take excellent care of our patients.

Although this week has been difficult, the shared focus of Rhode Island Hospital and its nurses and technicians remains: world-class, compassionate care for our patients and community. We both agree that high quality care for our patients is a priority, that nurse and technician recruitment and retention is important, and that wages and benefits for all of our employees should be competitive.

We are hopeful that, through this shared focus, an agreement can be reached with UNAP soon.


Margaret M. Van Bree, MHA, DrPH 
President, Rhode Island Hospital

What You Need to Know

  • Patient Safety and Quality Care 
    Rhode Island Hospital’s world-class care begins with our dedicated health care professionals. Learn how the hospital is meeting or exceeding nurse staffing benchmarks and providing other safety initiatives and protocols. 
  • Fair Wages and Benefits
    Rhode Island Hospital’s UNAP-represented nurses and technical professionals are among the highest, if not the highest, compensated in the state. Learn about our industry-leading wages and benefits. 
  • Long-Term Stability for Rhode Island Hospital
    Rhode Island Hospital values and respects the role of all our employees. Learn how we are working to offer competitive salary and benefits while balancing the need to remain financially viable during difficult economic times.